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From: Paul Foley
Subject: Eating the quarterback 2It's me again. I had several requests to naturist pictures young
continue the story, so why not? The
usual disclaimers apply!Eating the quarterback part 2Well, how could I resist such young pornography a hot and stocky teddybear, practically
ordering me to do his bidding? I was hoping young pictures xxx the quarterback would join us
for more fun, but he had to run for a class, so the lineman naturist pictures young and I were on
our own.I winked at the lineman, and motioned him to follow behind at a discreet
distance. He grumbled something under his breath, but I was sure he was up
to the task. Just to remind you, he had the typical build youngest lesbian of a major college
lineman - no six pack or anything on this guy, he was much more like a blond
stocky, muscular, hairy version of Dan Connor from that TV Sitcom a few
years back.I took the first staircase about 45 seconds ahead of "Eric", and maintained
the distance, but was careful to make sure I didn't lose this chunk of hot
man. After seeing his cock, I knew I had to see what else he had going for
him under his clothes!After climbing the last staircase, moving a few steps down the hall and up
three steps, I was to the small men's room behind the stage. I could hear
the sounds of a volleyball practice echo through the large gym area, but I
knew I was not going to be disturbed - only certain guys like me even knew
where this place was, anyway. I opened the old window enough to let in the
spring breeze, and as I turned, Eric entered the john youngest child porno
and shut the door
behind him. I moved close to him and flipped the lock - I think it was
intended to serve as a handicapped john, but my handicap was a weakness for
jock cock!"Eric" grabbed me in his huge bear hug, and started kissing me deep wet
kisses - his normally clean-shaven face was kinda scruffy, as if he had
pulled an all-nighter for exams. I was drawn into his kissing and groped his
huge muscular pecs, looking for the hard nips I knew were there waiting for
me to enjoy. He cupped my ass while he started licking and sucking on my
earlobe, then moved down to my neck. MMM!I was ready for something a little more raunchy though, and after I rubbed
his nips a bit russian young teenie through his shirt, I groped his hard cock through his pants,
and got down on my knees while he growled softly at me. "Yeah, you want some
of this hard dick, don't ya?" I couldn't agree more! I started rubbing my
face against his crotch, while he started unbuckling his belt. I could smell
his musky scent as soon as the zipper was open, and I went diving to the
opening in his boxers, looking for my price."Not yet, man!" He groaned, as he pulled me up and started helping me get
naked. He licked on my nips while I took off my jeans, and once I was naked
he bent me over the toilet, with my head up against the wall. I heard him
move down to his knees, and felt his hot breath on my ass, and quickly he
dove into my crack to lick at my asshole. I looked around to see that he
was getting his pants off while trying to eat my hole, so I helped him out a
bit by spreading my cheeks so he could eat away. "Oh yeah, you got one HOT
ass - gonna have to get some of this puss everyday!" he stage whispered in
between licks up my chute.I took as much of his butt munching as I could, but I had to have more of
that hot blonde's cock in my hole.
"Fuck me - PLEASE, fuck my ass man!" I whispered back to him. I didn't young porn rape have
to ask twice - he was on his feet and hard as a rock, waving that meaty
thick rod towards me. He moved closer and bent me over a bit more while he
rubbed that juicy meat up and down my crack, whispering sweet hot things to
me, how much he liked my ass, how he was gonna treat me right.He had gotten me so wet eating my hole that his meaty head slid right in my
hole, but this time I wanted to enjoy him, so I whispered for him to take it
slow. He smiled the most young porn anal adorable grin, and told me to take it easy, he
would make me grin the rest of the day after he was done. He slid that
whopper in about an inch at a time, and while it got thicker the deeper it
went it, I was all the more delighted with his huge cock!I had slipped a bottle of poppers out of my backpack, and was ready to take
it like nudism young girls a man. I offered him a hit, but he declined - said he likes his
fucking all natural, no drugs or anything. naturist pictures young He started pumping away on my
ass, rubbing his hairy blond fur against my back as he slid in deeper and
faster, pausing to drop some spit on his dick when he pulled out all but
just the head. I tried so hard to keep my groans quiet, but it felt too
good, so he had to put his hand over my mouth so I didn't give us away - we
didn't need to relive that scene from Porky's! He was fucking my ass good
and hard, like he was running a marathon, and I could tell that football
players are in good shape - he was a champ!I was ready to shoot my load when I felt his grab ahold of my pecs, and
drill me like never before, pumping hard and deep - he was ready to blow
that load, sweat flying , balls slapping, and then WHAM! He grabbed me and
let out a sound that was worthy of a marine or something. It was like he
scored a touchdown! I popped my load all over the wall as he pulled on my
tits, whispering the nastiest stuff in my ear, knowing I was loving it -
riding his cock all the way. He was so sweet and patient, a big butch stud
that actually wanted me to cum too!We got ourselves cleaned up a bit, and kissed a little bit once we were
clothed. I passed me a quick piece of paper with my number, and he said he
would be using it. I could do a lot worse than fall in love with a lineman!But what about that hot quarterback?To be continued...
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